Alabama Rot has very sadly been diagnosed in a further two cases locally, both occurring in February 2019.
This means there have been four fatalities to this disease in the last three months and appears to be the highest concentration of recent cases.
⚠️ Caterham Dec 2018
⚠️ Woldingham Dec 2018
⚠️ Woldingham Feb 2019
⚠️ Redhill Feb 2019
Updates to what we previously knew –
• There are NOT always lesions present, we aware of at least one case where Alabama Rot was confirmed and yet there were no lesions.
• A recent case that was fatal, the owner was washing her dogs feet after every walk (we are unsure at this stage what with).
• Deterioration is rapid 24-72 hours.
W h a t w e k n o w –
• Alabama rot causes damage to the blood vessels and kidneys.
• There is currently no known treatment
• 9 out of 10 dogs do not survive
• Nearly all cases happen in the winter months between November – May
• In over 90% of cases, the dog has been walked in either muddy fields or woodland
• Within 2-7 days of developing lesions, kidney failure will usually follow
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If you suspect your dog may have contracted Alabama Rot, contact your veterinary practice immediately.