As a practice that provides emergency veterinary care 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we need blood donors to provide emergency transfusions for our patients when needed. If your pet is eligible, register and know that your pet may help save another loved pets life.

Veterinary medicine is comparable with that of human medicine and there are many reasons why your pet may need a blood transfusion. This can be performed relatively easily once we have the correct typed unit of blood for your pet. Although we do not transfuse regularly, when we do, we generally need to do it urgently. It would not be appropriate for us to store units of typed blood as they have a relatively short shelf life and the demand isn’t high enough at Portland Vets. But we do have a list of eligible donors that can be called upon when a patient is in need; we constantly need more donors to register.

The requirements are:

  • Fit, healthy and up to date with vaccinations
  • Aged between 1 and 8 yrs
  • Dog weighing over 25 kg
  • Cat weighing over 4 kg
  • Good natured!

In the first instance all you need do is call the practice and ask for your pet to be placed on the register, giving a good contact telephone number that we would be able to reach you on in an emergency. If we do call you and ask if you are available to bring your pet in for assessment, we will perform the following:

  • Full physical health check
  • Blood test to check function of all vital organs and red and white cell count
  • Blood typing test

Should they then be suitable to donate we will help them to relax, this often just means cuddles and calm surroundings, but should a small amount of sedative be required we can provide them with this too, we then withdraw a unit of blood from a vein in their neck whilst they relax and enjoy the attention. The donation should take no longer than 30-60 mins, depending on the use of sedation or not, and your pet can then head home after enjoying the equivalent of ‘tea and biscuits’! Your pet will also receive his next annual vaccination free of charge, along with a little thank you gift!

So if you can help, please call 01342 327799 to add your pets name to our register.