We at Portland Vets like to keep up to date with the latest studies and guidance for veterinary treatments and prevention to help pets live longer and healthier lives. Due to the latest study into heart disease in small breed dogs, and how early detection and treatment can prolong their life, we are offering complimentary assessments by Kate Davis who has a special interest in this area of medicine. You and your dog will have an hour appointment booked, this will include an initial complimentary physical assessment to see if your dog has any indication of Mitrial Valve Disease. If they do not have any signs then you can head home with the ‘all clear’! If Kate does detect a heart murmur then you will be invited to stay to have an ultrasound performed straight away on your dogs heart at a much reduced price, this will ascertain the cause and best course of treatment to keep your dog healthy for longer.

Please click below to get more information about the study and the disease.

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