Dressing Care

Dressings MUST BE KEPT DRY and as clean as possible at all times.
1. When outside the dressing should be covered at all times. A thick plastic bag or glove is ideal but MUST be removed once your pet is back in the house to allow the bandage to breathe and to prevent condensation.
2. Dressing should be changed regularly as advised by your vet/nurse. It may need to be changed every day for a short period as this can help prevent infection in sweaty smelly feet!
3. If the dressing accidentally becomes wet you must arrange an appointment with the nurse the same day. You should check the dressing is dry daily as some animals tend to urinate on their dressings!
4. If there is a smell or discharge leaking from the dressing it should be checked and changed.
5. Once we have put a dressing on that is how we like them to stay. If your pet is likely to chew their dressing please ask for a buster collar.
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY. If your pet is usually tolerant of dressings and starts to chew, claw or shake the bandage it may be uncomfortable and need changing. You should contact us if at all concerned.

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