Nurse Clinics

The following is information to help you care for you pet in their recovery from anaesthesia or surgery. Please click on the appropriate procedure for further information.

Our Practice Nurses are experienced registered Veterinary Nurses and are an excellent source of help and advice in helping your animal with any dietary problems. Obesity is a growing problem in our pets and the old adage that we are “killing them with kindness” is often all too true. Diabetes is now a frequent diagnosis in our pets and the incidence of heart disease is also following this worrying trend. Every day we are seeing overweight dogs and cats who are suffering with arthritis due to the extra load placed on their joints over a lifetime.

As with most things prevention is far better than cure and at Portland Road we aim to be helpful in dietary advice throughout a pets life……not just when the problems start.
The staff at Portland Vets will aim to weigh your pet at each visit to the clinic. We keep records and graphs of your pet’s weight and can pick up subtle changes often before they are visible to an owner. We always encourage owners to come in regularly for a ‘weigh in’. It helps the dogs feel more familiar with the surgery and also means we can all keep track of their progress and keep them fit and healthy!

If a specific diet is required we can help support and monitor your pets progress. A dog who Jenny once treated made the national finals of the Hills Pet slimmer of the year. He won a years free dog food and his owners won 1000 of Thomas Cook Vouchers! Most importantly, this dog, who was crippled and barely able to get up every morning, within 7 months was playing again like a puppy, racing, fetching balls and generally enjoying life.

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Our Practice Nurses, are able to offer excellent advice about dental care for cats, dogs and rabbits. Dental Disease is seriously underestimated in pet health care. We are so concerned with the silent suffering that occurs with dental pain that we offer free patient check ups with our nurses all year round.
We are all taught from an early age that if you do not brush your teeth they will rot and fall out…….well the same applies to our animals!

Dental disease is one of the most common problems in animals and causes pain, distress, poor appetite, weight loss and can even effect organs such as the kidneys and heart…not to mention the smelly breath!

Many of you will be pleased to know that brushing teeth is not the only way in which to prevent dental disease. Some of our less willing patients benefit just as much from special chews, biscuits and treats!

For rabbits, dental disease is a simple matter of life and death. Getting their diet right is essential and can prevent serious ongoing health issues for our bunny friends.

Find out more with our registered nurses and book an appointment with their free dental check up service!

Arthritis is a painful condition that can cause painful, swollen and stiff joints. It can be caused by general wear and tear as your pet gets older, or by damage caused by an old injury.

Does your pet have…..

  • Difficulty getting upstairs/into the car
  • Difficulty rising after long periods of lying down
  • Stiffness or lameness
  • A change in temperament/personality
  • A reluctance to play or walk

If you have noticed any of the above changes in your pet then he/she may be suffering with arthritis, but here is the good news, we can help! Sometimes just a simple change of lifestyle, preventative supplement, arthritis medication or physiotherapy can make a huge difference to your pets quality of life. Many existing members of our ‘Mobility Clinic’ are now living life to the full, running around rejuvenated like puppies again!

The nurses work very closely with our vets, to provide your pet with first class treatment, advice and continual monitoring of your pets condition.

If you feel your pet could benefit from a mobility check, please contact the surgery to book your free of charge appointment for the ‘Mobility Clinic’ with one of our qualified nurses.

Our nurses perform all of our post operative checks. Normally if your pet has had surgery then they will be invited back, to see the practice nurse, approximately 3 days post surgery. The nurse will check your pets temperature, pulse and respiration rate. They will also want to know how your pet has recovered from their anaesthetic and surgery. Wounds will be examined to make sure they are healing, and no infection present.

If your pet has sutures, then we will invite you back, again to see the practice nurse, 10 days post operatively to have the sutures removed. This is a completely painless procedure that takes only a couple of seconds. (depending on how wriggly our patients are!)

Our nursing team do most of the bandage and wound check ups. They will also be responsible for removing any staples or sutures from your pets wound at the correct time. They have extensive experience in bandages and dressing applications, as well as many top tips for keeping dressings dry, and stopping your pet from licking and chewing bandages. You can take advantage of their expertise and advice while your pet takes advantage of their treat jars and cuddles!

At Portland Vets we offer a very unique puppy program to our clients. All included in the cost of your puppy vaccination are free monthly check ups for your puppy until the age of 6 months. This is a fantastic opportunity to ensure that your puppy is growing and developing normally, as well as a chance to discuss any of the nuisances of toilet training, tooth brushing, chewing, digging and all that lovely puppy behaviour.

Very importantly your puppy will also become socialised to the Vet Surgery. Our puppies love coming into the surgery and this continues on into later life. This makes it so much less stressful for both owner and pet if they are ever ill and need hospitalising. Coming to stay with their favourite Aunties has to be far preferable to the cowering dog under a chair in the waiting room. Take advantage of the socialisation period and all the free consultations and advice we offer.

We tie their free check ups with the monthly worming and flea treatment that is recommended under 6 months. We weigh your puppy and then can ensure that the correct dose of parasite control is given. Come and join in the puppy mayhem at Portland Vets!