National Pet Allergy week gives us the chance to tell you about Wilf. He was a very itchy and uncomfortable cat due to allergies and he is proof that with the right diagnosis and with committed owners pets can live a very happy and comfortable life with this complicated skin condition. Below Laura explains how he was diagnosed, treated and his on going care:

Wilf is a 4 year old male neutered domestic short haired cat. He first came to see us at Portland Vets in October 2016 for a second opinion on his skin condition. He was over grooming and had scabs over his body and sores on his feet. We performed tests which revealed Wilf was allergic to a number of things, including:

– Beef

– Chicken

– Lamb

– Soya bean

– Corn (maize)

– Storage mites

– House dust mites

– Plantain

– Oak trees

– All grasses

In order to try and avoid long term medication ‘allergen avoidance’ was discussed with the owner, this included:

1- Feeding foods free from above allergens

2 – All dry food to be stored in small quantities and in the cold to help reduce storage mites

3 – Frequent hoovering and cold freezing of the cat toys and bedding to reduce house dust mites

4 – Wiping Wilf down with a damp cloth when he comes in from outside to remove any plant and grass allergens

 The owner has implemented these and has drastically improved Wilf’s life, he is a much happier cat.

In the summer when the grass is lush he still needs some medication to help him cope but this is much less then he would have needed had his owner not put in so much effort. Therefore, any long term side effects of medications will be very low and Wilf should live a long, happy, itch free life!