We have seen our first Metaldehyde poisoning of the season from slug bait. With the warmer days and longer evenings we are all out in our gardens and with the Easter bank holiday weekend upon us soon, please share this post to remind people of the dangers of slug and snail poison and possible alternatives.

Some slug and snail pellets are made with a bitter tasting ingredient to try to put our pets off eating the interesting blue sprinkles they find in our gardens. These sometimes work to prevent accidental ingestion of this poison. But if you have pets or neighbors with pets, you are far better to use a more natural alternative, a list of which can be found in the link above. If you suspect your pet may have ingested a poison you should contact Portland Vets as soon as possible 01342 327799. Even when we are closed we have an emergency line and an on-call veterinary surgeon and nurse who can advise you on the best form of treatment for your pet. But in this instance prevention is very much better than cure.