Improving the Situation

It is a legal requirement that all dogs be identified by wearing a collar and tag, and since 2016 all puppies/dogs over the age of 8 weeks be permanently identified by the placement of a microchip.

Every year the Dog Wardens and RSPCA pick up thousands of lost pets and reuniting these pets with their owners can prove very difficult since many of them cannot be reliably identified. This is obviously very distressing for both pets and their owners.

This law does not apply to cats. The traditional collar and engraved tag can unfortunately become detached and lost, a far more reliable form of pet identification is a microchip implant which is a simple and permanent form of identification. A tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice is quickly and easily injected under the skin permanently identifying your pet. Implantation is no more stressful than a routine vaccination. Each microchip contains a unique ID Code. This code, together with details about your pet are held on a central computer.

Veterinary practices, the police and pet rescue organisations have special hand held scanners that can detect and read the information on the microchip so that your pet can be identified and reunited with you without delay.

Don’t take the chance – get your pet microchipped now and avoid the heart ache of pet loss. You can have your pet microchipped for as little as £20.50 inc vat, not bad for a lifetime free of worry about finding your loved pet if it escapes or gets stolen.

Microchipping is not just for cats and dogs,we can chip rabbits, tortoises, birds etc

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