At Portland Vets we recommend neutering. We advise that you spay your bitch (female dog) before their 1st season, and for certain traditionally ‘docked’ breeds after their first season. If they have had a season it is best to schedule the procedure for 3 months after the start of their season. We are able to offer laparoscopic (keyhole) spays giving a more comfortable and faster recovery time. Please do take a look at our page on laproscopy to learn more.

Male dogs can be neutered from 6 months of age, with some large breed exceptions.

In all cases we recommend a complimentary appointment with one of our nursing team to discuss your options and when to schedule your dogs surgery.


Both females and male cats can be neutered from 5 months of age. They should ideally weigh more than 2kg, so again it is advisable to book in with one of our nurses for a pre-neutering assessment to ensure they have reached the weight and the males have both testicles descended.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Rodents

We recommend that Rats, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Rodents be at least 6 months of age before neutering. Although in some cases we can do it earlier. If you are considering getting your ‘small furry’ neutered, whether male or female, they should come in for a health check with one of our vets. They can assess the general health and ensure they have no underlying respiratory disease before we schedule their procedure.

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