Pet Insurance

We do recommend pet insurance as part of the responsibility of owning and caring for a pet. If your pet is ill or injured it is reassuring to know that cost will not have to be a deciding factor in their treatment. Likewise if they have a chronic condition such as arthritis or diabetes the costs over time will be significant. If you are unsure about insurance please speak to our nursing team. Alternatively a website that is full of useful information is or
Please be aware that it is your responsibility to settle your account with us and then reclaim the fees from your insurance company. We will complete all the relevant forms that your insurance company require so that your claim can be settled as quickly as possible. We do charge a £5.30 administration fee for insurance claims and £2.71 for continuation claims.
On some surgeries or hospitalisation we can claim directly from the insurance company for which an administration fee of  £22.68 will be charged.
Please click here to our list of the more common pet insurance companies.