At Portland Vets we have 15 minute consultations, much longer than most practices. Enabling us to have time to listen to your concerns, assess your pet gently and carefully. We discuss illness and treatment options fully with written plans and estimates explained. Ensuring that you or your pet will not feel rushed and are given the care and attention you deserve. By putting you both at the centre of what we do we reduce stress levels for you both.

We have an appointment system for our consultations. This means that (except in the case of emergencies taking precedence) we will not keep you and your pet waiting for too long.

We offer appointments every weekday from 8.15am through to 6.45pm and Saturday from 9am- 3pm.
All of our Veterinary Surgeons consult for at least part of the day during the week so you should always be able to see the vet of your choice at some point during that day (unless they are on holiday!).

Nurse clinics

Our nursing team provide a full range of clinics offering advise and information, continuing treatment prescribed by your veterinary surgeon, preventative health care and much more. Please click on the link for more information on clinics available and what treatments are provided.

We have nurse consultations available at various times throughout the day from 8.15am-6.30pm.