Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a term used for equipment that uses images to aid diagnosis including Ultrasound and radiography (X-Rays). Portland Vets use advanced digital x-ray machines at all practices, allowing us to take very high quality x-rays and viewing them almost immediately and in amazing detail.  We are able to highlight even subtle abnormalities in high resolution. As the pictures are digital they are very quick to process so your pet is anaesthetised for far less time making radiography safer, quicker, extremely accurate and overall less costly.
We also have an ultrasound machine (East Grinstead only) which is used for non invasive investigation of abdomens, chests or heart disease. Several of our vets has a special interest in Ultrasonography and are continually working to improve their skills in this field, and 3 of them are currently studying for post graduate certificates which cover ultrasonography as part of the training.

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