Hospital Wards

Portland Vets has 3 very comfortable hospital wards – A dog ward, cat ward and isolation area. These wards are staffed each day by a Veterinary Nurse and a Nursing Assistant who take care of our inpatients – walking, bathing, cuddling, medicating and cuddling some more!

While we appreciate it is not quite the same as being at home, we try our best to keep your pets stress free and comfortable if they have need to be hospitalised.

Each ward is climate controlled, well ventillated and cleaned meticulously. We encourage owners, when practical, to bring in bedding and clothing that smells of home and each ward also has a pheromone adaptor (Feliway or Adaptil) to encourage an anxiety free environment.

Our cat kennels are all off the ground and have a sunny window outlook to help relieve boredom. Our dog ward has kennels of varying sizes as well as 2 walk in kennels for large patients, and shower facilities to aid our team in ensuring your companion, should they have an ‘accident’, is cleaned quickly and comfortably.

We encourage owners to visit their pets whilst in hospital. This is usually done in the afternoon and evening as we like to keep the hospital as quiet as possible in the morning when animals are recovering from ananesthetics. A time that is mutually convenient is booked so that a nurse and/or vet can be available to talk through your pets progress and treatment.