Surgical Facilities

Portland Vets surgical facilities are of an extremely high standard at all of our branches, with modern theatres solely used for surgery. All our clinicians are ‘general’ surgeons and take it in turns to have a day ‘on ops’. This allows you to book in for the surgeon of your choice to perform any operation or procedure on your pet.
We have the expertise and equipment to perform a very broad range of surgical procedures from the every day ‘routine’ to the more unusual. For the specialist surgical procedure we have a visiting surgeon who can perform the more complex procedures at Portland Vets. This means you do not have to travel to a specialist centre some distance away. With this being performed ‘in house’ your pet will be looked after by the Portland Veterinary team, providing over night care if needed.

Our surgeons are supported by our Veterinary Nurses who are all highly qualified in monitoring anaesthesia and providing excellent pre and post operative care. All patients are connected to monitors whilst under anaesthesia, these measure Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, along with other visual vital signs which the nurses constantly monitor. This enables them to detect changes and react immediately. Patients will all have intravenous catheters placed and receive intravenous fluids during anaesthesia to help maintain their blood pressure. If you would like to know more about what happens during your patients procedure please do give us a call and speak to a nurse.

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