Portland Vets is able to offer the latest in ‘keyhole’ or ‘laparoscopic techniques’ for spaying dogs, retained testicles and abdominal biopsy surgery. We use top of the range equipment for this Gold Standard procedure, which is only available in a small proportion of veterinary practices in the UK .

It has significant benefits over conventional ‘open’ surgery:

  • Reduced pain – surgery is less invasive
  • Smaller wounds
  • Quicker recovery time – usually 3 days compared with 10-14 days for standard method
  • Less scarring
  • Negligible risk of intra and post-operative bleeding
  • Fewer post-operative complications (wound infections)
Laparoscopic Spay

Laparoscopic spays are a little more expensive than the traditional open method of spaying, due to the cost and maintenance of the specialised equipment and the level of training involved. However, in keeping with Portland Vets ethos of offering an outstanding and caring service, we feel it is important that this is the preferred option for our patients.

During a laparoscopic spay, usually only the ovaries are removed. This shortens the surgical time, reduces the risks involved during and after surgery and reduces the pain compared to the traditional method of spaying. The abdomen can be visualised laparoscopically in a way that cannot be done via the standard method, which allows us to check the other organs for any obvious abnormalities. If the veterinary surgeon feels the uterus needs to be removed then this can be performed laparoscopically as well.

Years of clinical research have revealed that there are no medical advantages to removing a healthy uterus, with the long term outcomes of both types of surgery being equal. Both methods will prevent the development of pyometra (a potentially fatal infection of the womb).

Dogs under 5kg are invited for a complimentary assessment to see if they are suitable for our laparoscopic equipment.

If you would like to book this procedure for your bitch or discuss it further with one of our Vets or Veterinary Nurses please call 01342 327799 to book an appointment.

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