Client Referrals


Do I need to be a client to access your services?

Not at all, in fact we offer our referral services to many veterinary practices across the South East, with one of the many benefits being that we are an independent practice. If you are in need of a referral, have a chat with your registered practice and ask them to get in touch with us.

As an independent practice does this mean your referral service is more expensive?

Our fees are very competitive, enabling us to help your pet when the unexpected happens.

What is the difference between a Specialist and a Certificate holder?

Specialists are diploma holders with training in specific areas of veterinary medicine that work in dedicated referral centres where GP/first opinion vets can refer cases too.

Certificate holders in advanced veterinary practice are GP/first opinion vets that have undergone extra training and examinations in specific areas of veterinary medicine that provide clients with an increased skill set then everyday GP vets. Other GP vets can refer cases to them.

At Portland referrals we are certificate holders.

Do all veterinary practices offer the same services?

No, not all practices are equal. Many do not possess diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound or endoscopy, or the ability to offer keyhole surgery. Here at Portland our clients can experience these without having to travel or pay the fees of a specialist centre. We also offer these services to other GP practices in the South East.

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